8 struggles you’ll get if you cover your face in summer

Living in a hot city in India can be really tough. Especially when you have to travel daily through public transport and you have a sensitive skin. You know very well that in this summer the temperature is going to hit 40 degrees, and the last year sunburn marks took your whole winter to get better. The sun is so ruthless that your sunscreen doesn’t really help you. At this point of time here comes your savoir, your “stole”. You can spot many heads fully covered like they are some undercover agent who are restricted to show their identity. You really don’t have any choice.

Here are few struggles we go through every summer when we cover our face with our Dupatta, stole or scarf.

Wrapping a stole/ scarf: Although wrapping a stole is an everyday routine for you but every single day you have to struggle wrapping it around. (Wrapping around face) Ouch! Its covering my eyes, (completely wrapped) oh no forgot to put my earphones on (unwrap again), (tying stole behind) ow! ow! My hair not my hair.

Friends call you by names like ninja and terrorists: Your friends and cousins even call you “terrorist”, “ninja”, “ghost” and what not. Seriously?

Sometimes your friends don’t recognize you: You are so used to of covering your face that sometimes you forget people can’t recognize you, they can not see your face. You go like “hey!” and the long lost friend goes like “’ do I know you?”

And there is staring: being a woman you don’t understand. If wearing short dress provokes men according to few mahapurush. Well I am here covered from head to toe, still???

Can’t eat, wait! : Every time you are hungry or thirsty, you have to unpack your mouth.

Explaining that you’re not afraid of getting dark: if you cover your face mostly people think you’re afraid of getting dark. Dude! Have you ever experience sunburns? It hurts as hell. My skin is a little sensitive and this city is too hot. OK?

Sale on stole and scarf attracts you: reason why Sarojini Nagar market, Palika Bazar and other market place attracts you is because they have sale on stole. They have so many color option and variety that every time you visit you have urges to buy a new stole.

Your hair looks all camouflage: you know how your hairstyle is going to be upset if you remove your stole.

All this pain is worthy if you really survive the whole summer without those painful sunburns. Scorching heat can be tough but you are patience and smart enough to win.
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I Waited

A beautiful girl sitting in a restaurant, waiting for someone. When that someone came she got up and start yelling.

Have you seen the time, karthik? Is this how you treat your girlfriend? It’s been 5 days since you called me to meet. Do you have any idea how much I waited for you? Absolutely irresponsible. You should have informed me if you were going to be late. Are you even listening? 

The girl is a Chatterbox and filled with chirpy-Ness and colors. You can see sparkle in her eyes. Karthik is standing at a distance and is not listening to her. It seems normal.  right? When you have a girlfriend who talks a lot you tend to train you brain to filter half a stuff she says. She continued complaining 

You know what? When you called me in Delhi, I was so furious that you have wasted money on my hotel booking. I could’ve shared PG with avantika, she is like my sister, she would not mind. But no… You had to show off. By the way before reaching bombay I called your sister. Just to know if she is all right,  She was unwell right? She talks so much and had no control, it’s just slip out on her tongue that…. Sorry karthik “spoil alert”. She told me that you have bought an engagement ring for me.  You are so sweet. I was so happy that day. I went all crazy, I was dancing, singing, laughing… Finally the day I’ve been waiting for, yeah! Do you remember you told me once that blue color suits me so well… See how is it? Is this dress good? Where are you looking at? Here it is…

Karthik has covered his mouth as if it’s a garbage place not a restaurant.  It seems like he is looking for something. His face went all pale when he comes near her table and few drops of tears fall down. He is in a complete shock. She said out of concern 

Why are you crying karthik? I think I should be the one who should cry. You were killing me with your suspense. First of all you did not showed up to pick me at the airport then refused to talk about meeting me and on the top of that just text me “shona! Be ready at 6 pm table number 12 at Taj Restaurant… Love you”. I know you can do this surprise thing very well and I was very excited to get engaged but… I do not know why? I felt really wierd. I picked up the phone to call you but then I thought you are trying so hard to make this day special I should not ruin it. I knew as usual you will be late but I was so excited that I reached the table number 12 before time. The people who have reservations before us just finished there dinner and ready to move out. I was waiting for you, there was noise coming from the lobby. One of the staff said may be there is some rebels fighting outside, he asked us to be calm. Waiter took me to my reserved table but the noise started growing more and more and oh! God I heard firing in the lobby. Now I was praying for you to be late. Just when I was about to call you for not to come, I saw…

Karthik search his pocket and pulled out a velvet ring box and now started crying for real he set down. He has no guts to open it. She is all frowned re imagining that day. She explained….  

A 17-18 year old boy with a red cap and an AK 47 in his hands, he started firing in everywhich direction. It all started so unexpectedly that we couldn’t understand what to do, people started panicking and running. All I can do is crying… Thinking about mom and dad and you? His open firing stopped when every single humen in this very hall fell dead. And when it stopped… The hall filled with corpses. Uff! How could he do this to this 6 year old innocent child? Pure evil! I felt like rip his heart out. I don’t know why I was still waiting for you to come? I was terrified I can still hear bombing and firing noise coming  from upstairs. Then I saw a guy coming out of the kitchen, he is the chef. He also managed to survive this massive destruction. As I stood up to call him. I saw… Karthik i  saw myself lying on the chair of the table no. 12… 

She sat down back to the chair the way she found herself dead. Here karthik is still sobbing but some how he managed to open the box and pull out the ring. Looked her as if she is looking so beautiful in blue. She is still shocked about her death she continued

It’s impossible. Right? How can I be dead. I was supposed to get engaged today. No… I wanted a chance to tell my parents how much I love them. To tell my dad that thank you for sacrificing your happiness to make me happy. Just one last time I wanted to ask mom to let me put my head into her lap and pat me. I wanted to tell you that you have been the biggest hope of my life. Are you listening Karthik?…. 

Karthik is sitting on the floor crying. He holds her left hand hanging lifelessly and put the ring in her lifeless ring finger. He is blaming himself for booking her this hotel and let her die. She sat down on the floor looking into his eyes crying 

No, it’s not your fault. Nobody had a clue that few SOBs are coming to terrorize the whole city. Don’t cry? I am right here. Can’t you see me? Please look at me. Listen to me please karthik please. 

they both are crying in pain and many other people are crying as well because they lost someone they truly loved, but as always we will cry today, talk about justice the very next day and move on to our normal life the third day. When 26/11 happen I was at home watching the news well actually, running away from watching the news because it scared the hell out of me as growing adolescent that boys who were just 4-5 year older than me had no mercy and humanity inside them and it bothered me next many years why are they still alive? I felt bad for those who lost their loved ones because you see I am a person and I can empathize. Shouldn’t we all have atleast this much of empathy in our hearts as a human?  I don’t give a damn to those basterds life who are murderer and are still alive in the name of human rights. For me human rights is justice for those who were innocent. But criminals are still free and that is the harsh reality we are asked to compromise with. Well I am not compromising because I am a human and it contradict with my right to live.  (Human right of those who deserve justice) I hope this story helps you readers to understand what I wanted to say from past many years.  Thank you